IMG_0151v2.jpgWelcome to the website of the Tasmanian Principals Association!

TPA proudly represents principals across primary, secondary, senior secondary and special education sectors, as well as assistant principals, advanced skills teachers and system leaders in the Tasmanian public education system.

As the most recent Australian Principal Occupational Health and Wellbeing Survey single recommendation is for individual principals to  ‘…draw on supports available from Professional Associations’ as a mechanism to support their growth and wellbeing, we encourage you to enjoy and promote the advantages and positive impacts of being a part of a vibrant and innovative professional association like the TPA.

The TPA exists to deliver on its vision to ‘Support connected and empowered educational leaders as an integral part of our public education system’ and a commitment to a mission on being the ‘Professional voice for Tasmanian educational leaders’.

Our state executive reflects the diversity of educational leadership around our state, with our committee from the three regions around Tasmania and the different education sectors, including assistant principals and system leadership responsibilities. The work of our association is guided by our Strategic Plan 2023-2026, with the recently developed 3 sets of key practices directing our approach -

  • Support & Care
  • Lead & Develop
  • Consult & Advocate

The TPA is recognised by the government, Department for Education, Children & Young People, media and the non-government school sector as the balanced and respected voice of Tasmanian government school leaders.

If you would like further information about our Association when you finish your journey of our website please contact us at

Mat Grining, President

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