We gratefully acknowledge the vital support of our corporate sponsors. Their contribution is underpinned by genuine interest in the purposes of the TPA and we regard them as much as friends of public education as business partners. Principals and School Business Managers are strongly encouraged to contact our sponsors whose products and services we recommend to you.

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MSP photography


Experience the MSP difference.
You’re busy enough already, and you know your school better than anyone. That’s why at MSP photography, we listen to what you tell us, and take the hassle out of school photography.

We’re local
We’re locally owned, so when you choose MSP Photography you’re dealing directly with the people in charge. We’re accessible via phone, email, or we’re happy to come to see you in person.

We’re focused on you
Our service commitment goes much further than photo day, and we deliver satisfaction for our school communities, year in, year out.

We take the hassle out of your School photos You have enough to do without having to manage a school photographer. It’s time to deal with a local business with the backing of a national resource centre, so we can deliver the highest quality school photos in packages to suit all family budgets.

Steve or Rebecca Skinner
03 6231 5880

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Zart Art


Zart Art is a supplier of art and craft materials, stationery and educational products.

We also provide face to face and online Professional Development workshops in the Visual Arts suitable for schools, librarians, hospital educators, kindergarten teachers, after school program leaders, and leaders of holiday programmes.

Since our beginning in 1988, Zart has remained committed to creative education in our curriculum. We believe arts education contributes significantly to the creative and mental growth of our young.

As a Tasmanian Principals Association sponsor, we are pleased to offer all TPA Member Schools 10% Off Storewide when you use Promotion Code: TPA10

Michael Barnes
0418 139 714

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BFX Furniture


BFX Furniture is proudly Australian owned and is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Furniture in the Education Sector.

Our services are backed by over 30 years of extensive industry experience and a team dedicated to market research. Our ongoing role and success in the industry is a direct consequence of our commitment to providing high-quality products and professional service.

At BFX Furniture we are dedicated to designing modern learning spaces that will bring your school into the 21st century. Our Future Focused Learning Zones create adjustable and flexible spaces that support the needs of both teachers and students as they grow.

We don’t just deliver furniture, we deliver innovation and superior design.

The BFX Difference

Personal Consultation

You can expect nothing but professional service from our specialist consultants. We come to you & offer expert advice, free measure & quote and 2D or 3D floor plans, regardless of project size

End to End Solution

We will take care of everything, from quotation to delivery, installation and rubbish removal.

Commitment to Quality & Safety

The majority of our education products are Independently Tested for strength and durability and hold an impressive 7 Year warranty.

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

We leave a lasting impression and build relationships that give on-going support for years to come.

Customer Service: 1300 866 522

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Education Perfect


Education Perfect is a complete digital teaching and learning toolkit that has become a core part of the practice of thousands of teachers across the world. It assists with differentiation, student engagement, feedback, and assessment. Its rich data insights are perfect for tracking student progress.

  • High-quality curriculum-aligned content for English, Maths, Science, Languages, HASS, HPE, Digital Technologies, EAL and more.
  • Supports differentiation, personalised learning and auto-remediation.
  • Consolidates existing resources (grammar workbooks, single-subject programs, textbooks) into one platform saving money.
  • In-depth diagnostic tools to quickly and easily identify misconceptions, strengths and weaknesses
  • Saves significant time marking allowing focus on teaching
  • Encourages and supports a school’s 1:1 computer program
  • Customisable resources with advanced content creation tools so you can tailor our content to perfectly suit your students.

Michael Villanti - Regional Manager VIC/SA/TAS
02 6100 3723

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Future Focused Learning


Future Focused Learning Network is a global professional learning community of educators that share your passion. Inside you'll experience engaging themes, keynotes, resources, and challenges to provide meaningful professional learning and accelerate your professional transformation. You can join our accredited Masterclasses led by leading education experts aligned to your capacity and targeting your potential.

For your free access link, please contact TPA Business Manager, Tamara Clark manager@tpa.org.au

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Schoolzine is proudly at the forefront of this exciting and innovative platform, connecting communities Australia wide… the online school newsletter! Schoolzine’s multi-functional, interactive newsletter can be accessed wherever you have internet… at home on your PC, via your mobile or perhaps on an iPad - at your convenience. This is truly revolutionising the flow of information and communication between home, school and the broader community, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the youngest members of the community – our children!

1300 395 703

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For over 20 years, Sturdybilt Agencies has been dedicated to helping schools and colleges realise the full potential of their recreational spaces by providing exciting play environments to inspire both students and staff alike. Sturdybilt’s play spaces invite children to use their own initiative, explore possibilities and make friendships. We are quality-driven and always exceed expectation with our keen eye for design, our superb manufacturing skills and our knowledge of child play and development. Playing outdoors is an incredibly vital part of childhood; perhaps more so now than ever before, with increasing access to technology through mobile devices. With an expanding portfolio of exceptional builds, Sturdybilt Agencies can help you in your quest to ensure your students reap the benefits of enhanced outdoor play.

For creations crafted with passion please call or email us on:
1800 113 110
9 Faulkner Drive, Latrobe, TAS 7307

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Teachers health

We're for teachers


Teachers Health was established in 1954 to provide teachers, support staff and their family members with access to quality health insurance products. Today, we are Australia’s largest industry-based health fund, with more than 60 years of experience and covering over 300,000 lives nationwide.

Teachers Health gives members access to:

  • a not-for-profit health fund
  • great value health insurance
  • a range of quality products and services
  • generous benefits
  • fast, efficient claiming options
  • an easy switching process

Teachers Health also provides more than simply health insurance to members – we are committed to supporting our members’ health and wellbeing through additional services. Teachers Health owns and operates Health Centres offering optical, dental, physio, chiro and remedial massage services (not available at all centres) in Sydney (Surry Hills and Parramatta), Newcastle (Hamilton) and Melbourne (Richmond) and gives members access to travel and general insurance. We understand that navigating healthcare services and providers can be daunting so we also offer eligible members quality, evidence-based health management programs and services, including access to health professionals such as registered nurses, a diabetes educator, dietitian and exercise physiologist. These programs and services are brought to members at no extra cost. As a not-for-profit health fund, we also give back to the education community through sponsorships, scholarships and health and wellbeing programs.

Am I eligible to join?

As a restricted health fund, you must meet eligibility criteria to join Teachers Health. Eligible members are also able to refer family members, including:

  • spouse or partner
  • former spouse or partner
  • dependant children
  • adult children
  • siblings
  • parents
  • grandchildren

For more information on eligibility, visit teachershealth.com.au

Already with another health fund?
Switching to Teachers Health couldn't be easier and if you’re already with another private health insurer then you won’t have to re-serve your waiting periods if you are transferring to an equivalent level of cover~. We also offer a free online comparison service, providing you a personalised comparison of the cost and benefits of products. See how we compare at teachershealth.com.au/compare

Want to join?
Joining Teachers Health is fast, easy and hassle free. You can join:

For more information visit teachershealth.com.au or call 1300 728 188.

If you have cancelled your health insurance policy with another health fund, you will need to join Teachers Health within 60 days to make sure you receive continuity of cover.

1300 727 538

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Aqua Bubbler

Ph: 1300 213 774

Clean, safe water. It’s something we all need access to – wherever we are. That’s why we designed aquaBUBBLER to be the perfect hydration solution for all environments. When we say aquaBUBBLER is the drinking fountain of the future, we’re serious. Every step in our process – from design consultation to after-sales support – is forward-thinking and follows our core values:

  • • Efficient use of water
  • • 100% replaceable and recyclable components
  • • A minimal carbon footprint. aquaBUBBLER is locally made, which reduces transport emissions and is great for local industry.
  • • Reduced need for bottled water. The aquaBUBBLER’s drink bottle refill facility means less waste from disposable plastic water bottles.

Style -The aquaBUBBLER’s range of modern colours and designs provides an appealing alternative to the dull, stained metal surface of outdated drinking fountains.
Ergonomics- aquaBUBBLER’s ergonomic design makes it convenient to use.
Hygiene - We work tirelessly to make the aquaBUBBLER as hygienic as possible and ensure it appeals to even the most germ-phobic water seekers. The drinking bowl is made from stainless steel and the dish is specifically designed to prevent birds bathing in it— a common problem with traditional models.
Durability - aquaBUBBLERs are extremely robust and are vandal resistant and graffiti proof. They last a long, long time, and still look great!
Flexibility - aquaBUBBLERs are fully customisable.
Lifetime care - We take care of each and every aquaBUBBLER for its entire lifetime; providing total support. That’s why aquaBUBBLER comes with a parts and workmanship guarantee of five years. And when an aquaBUBBLER has fulfilled its life, we take full responsibility for dissembling the unit.

Freecall: 1300 213 774
Sales: 03 8415 0047
Email: info@aquabubbler.com.au

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ReadCloud makes it easy for teachers and students to access classroom resources, all in one place, with a single login with their school credentials, wherever they are. Schools rely on ReadCloud to access all the classroom content they need for teaching and learning and to help boost engagement in the classroom. These include digital textbooks, publisher interactive resources, digital learning resources such as Education Perfect, eNovels and teacher curated content. It’s all the content you need, in one location, on any device, so that your teachers can focus on what they do best, teach.

Used in over 500 schools around Australia, the platform simplifies the procurement of resources and content with a one stop shop that manages and activates all your digital codes and licenses on your behalf. ReadCloud listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2018 and has since acquired three leading RTO’s, allowing it to provide VET resources and services from the Australian Institute of Education and Training (AIET), COSAMP and the Ripponlea Institute.

Learn more: youtube.com/watch?v=Wl4xzrt372g and visit readcloud.com to schedule a demo today.

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Hearing Loop


Hearing Loop Australia is a leading supplier of hearing augmentation solutions in Australia.

Providing your teachers to be heard in the classroom with the Phonak Soundfield system and saving the Teacher from voice strain. Helping children with Assistive Hearing equipment, Auditory processing, ADHA and children that struggle to hear the teacher or other students. Offering both portable and fixed solutions from the classroom to Halls and assemblies.

We are a company who is proud of our history and experience. Our business ensures that you have access to market leading technology and solutions that are customised to each project. Our people are passionate about helping you to ensure that systems provide the best outcomes for people who are hard of hearing. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff work across Australia to provide the right hearing augmentation solution for every situation. Our team includes staff with both clinical and technical backgrounds. This unique combination of knowledge and skills ensures that our solutions are designed to provide the best possible outcome for the end user.

Contact us on 1300 669 721 or email info@hearingloop.com.au to help you find the right fit for you and your hearing system users.

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ACSA is a not-for-profit member association of schools, working with over 100 supplier partners to deliver the best value for your school and canteen, saving over $10 million per annum for our members.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the welfare of children in your schools has always been paramount. Whether we are helping you in your canteen to deliver more healthy, better value meals, or simply ensuring that you get best value for your school budget; our aim is to assist you to provide the best education to your students, whilst contributing to Australian charities that support the education of vulnerable children.

Over the last 40+ years, ASCA has contributed over $3 million to our 10 charity partners including The Smith Family, St Vincent de Paul, The Song Room and AEIOU.

Visit https://www.asca.com.au to learn more about how we can help your school, and make sure you read your Termly Smart School Newsletters and monthly emails to keep up with the latest products and services from our innovative Preferred Supplier partners.


Kerry Danks-Guy – National School Supplier Manager & Area Manager TAS
0417 742 055

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Berry Street


The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) provides strategies that enables teachers to increase engagement of students with complex, unmet learning needs and to successfully improve all students’ self-regulation, relationships, wellbeing, growth and academic achievement. Our BSEM course is the foundation training to bring the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) into your classroom and whole school. In the BSEM course, we show educators how to help students meet their own learning needs by:

  • understanding the impacts of trauma on child development and ability to learn
  • creating a supportive and trauma-informed positive education classroom
  • bolstering student-teacher relationships
  • instilling strengths-based practices across the school.

You will learn how to help your students be more willing and have improved capacity for school achievement. We provide you with a toolkit of 100+ student-centred strategies that:

  • can be implemented with your students, and
  • ensure a consistent approach to implementation across the school.

Our masterclasses are a great opportunity to refresh and extend your knowledge to assist in your implementation of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM). Each masterclass has a different focus and is delivered in a group training format led by our expert training team. You will be encouraged to collaborate with like-minded educators in our growing community of practice. The program is informed by research, anchored in practice, and aimed at building sustainability and consistency in the Berry Street Education Model across a whole-school approach. Masterclasses include:

  • BSEM Implementation
  • Restorative Practice
  • Understanding and Responding to Adverse Behaviour
  • Berry Street Education Model Leadership Course
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education Support Staff

Further information

Please contact me if you wish to discuss our 4-day course or masterclasses

E: ogardener@berrystreet.org.au
T: 0428 395 206
W: www.bsem.org.au


03 9429 9266

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Corporate Partner


The TPA is an affiliated member of the Australian Primary Principals Association, Australian Government Primary Principals Association and the Australian Secondary Principals Association. These organisations provide Tasmanian public school principals with a voice at the national table, with crucial national policy influence and with important links to the International Confederation of Principals. National perspectives, and the capacity to make contributions at that level, are critical to policy development and implementation in our home state, in our schools, and for our students. These connections are important to our capacity to lobby at political levels and contribute significantly to equity, fairness, innovation and contemporary leadership across Australia. As members of the TPA, principals have access to on-line resources and professional learning opportunities provided by these organisations, as well as a sense of connection and interstate collegiality in the challenging and rewarding role of school leadership.