Becoming a Member

TPA Membership is open to the following staff within the Tasmanian Department of Education:

  • Principals (Substantive and Acting)
  • Assistant Principals (Substantive and Acting)
  • Principals and Assistant Principals who have been seconded to other positions within the Department of Education.

Membership Fees

Full Membership $513.50 per annum, $19.75 per fortnight (tax deductible)

Associate Membership $50.00 per annum, $1.92 per fortnight (tax deductible)

Member subscriptions are to be paid by individual members, and cannot be drawn from Tasmanian Department of Education accounts.

Payment is via payroll deduction.

Membership Application Form

Applicant Information

* Required information

Should the amount of my fortnightly subscription be altered by decision of the Association this authority shall extend to cover such alteration to my fortnightly rate and I request that modification of such be acted upon by the Paymaster, Department of Education.


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